Level 3 Diploma for Health Screeners

Birmingham, Solihull, and Black Country DESP is an accredited Awarding Centre 

NOCN logoThis qualification is part of the new Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) in England.

We are accredited as an awarding centre via NOCN, a leading awarding and apprenticeship assessment organisation that has been creating opportunities almost 30 years.

  • The qualification is based on the demonstration of competence.
  • The learner must be working directly within a service where they can carry out screening relevant to their role.
  • The assessment will take place while they are in their normal working environment and context, and their portfolio of evidence will contain examples of their real work with patients.
  • The achievement of the qualification will relate directly to their competence in the workplace.
  • Where knowledge is assessed separately, this will be undertaken by various methods, including question and answer, reports, on line tests and – if available – e-learning modules.
  • This qualification consists of a maximum of 13 mandatory units (37 credits) plus the pathway specific units as shown below.
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  • Level 3 Diploma for Health Screeners (Diabetic Eye – Screener) 22 credits
  • Level 3 Diploma for Health Screeners (Diabetic Eye – Grader) 21 credits
  • Level 3 Diploma for Health Screeners (Diabetic Eye – Screener-Grader) 30 credits
  • Optometrists: dependent upon whether screening / grading and qualifications



  • Level 3 Diploma for Health Screeners (New Born Hearing) 19 credits



  • Level 3 Diploma for Health Screeners (AAA)



Please see the NHS Screening Programmes website for more information about the qualification.