Screening Locations

Screening is carried out at opticians throughout Birmingham, Solihull and the Black Country for patients living in the region. Patients who need ambulance transport can be screened at our hospital clinics.

Although invitation to screening letters include a selection of your local locations, you can choose to be screened at any of them, not just those on the letter.

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BSBC Screening Locations V1.12b

Note: The following are not currently screening but plan to resume in due course

  • Specsavers, Bloxwich
  • Specsavers, Northfield
  • Specsavers, Sutton Coldfield
The following sites are no longer providing Diabetic Eye Screening

  • Bainbridge, Harborne
  • Chapman & Myers, Halesowen
  • Taylor Biddle, Compton
  • Specsavers, Smethwick
  • Specsavers, Stourbridge
  • Specsavers, West Bromwich
  • Virdi & Peppal, Northfield

Feedback from patients

We would also appreciate your feedback once you have been screened. It really helps us to know how you felt and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Screening locations list

If you prefer just to have a list of screening locations, click the link below.