Follow up report on diabetic patients identified with macula lesions to review their current clinical status and the change in the morphological features of the lesions

A number of patients have been identified at screening as having subtle changes within the macula region, the significance of which is unknown Tiny microaneurysms are common but on magnification, a number demonstrate a yellow circular rim (MAYR) which could represent early lipid leakage which could lead to sight threatening clinical significant macular oedema (CSMO).

The audit investigates the current clinical status of patients who presented with MAYR from 2004 to 2009, to identify how many have developed CSMO and required focal laser treatment, how many are still being monitored in ophthalmology and how many are being screened annually by the diabetic retinopathy screening service. The time intervals for referrals to the eye clinic for patients with MAYR and the time intervals between the initial screenings where the MAYR was discovered and being placed back on annual recall to the retinal screening service were noted.

The aim of the audit is to elucidate the nature and significance of these lesions and to determine what we should be doing with patients who present with them at screening.

By Stephany Osei-Amoako