Clinical Governance

Why do we need Clinical Governance?

People using health and social care services are entitled to expect that their personal information will remain confidential. They must feel able to discuss sensitive matters with a doctor, nurse or social worker without fear that the information may be improperly disclosed. These services cannot work effectively without trust and trust depends on confidentiality.

The challenge we now face in the eye screening programme is balancing the need for sharing patient’s sensitive information to fulfil our duty of care for our patients, but still protecting patient’s sensitive information in line with current legislation such as The Data Protection Act 1998.

Components of Clinical Governance for the BSBC DESP

  • Patient and public involvement
  • Risk management. Know all risks / impacts
  • Accurate clinical audit /quality reports – signpost problems
  • Clinical effectiveness programmes

Clinical Governance Role

  • Operationally oversees the risk management of the service. Monitoring all screeners, graders and admin staff receiving clinical incidents which arise & Complaints /Themes Performance acting where appropriate supporting the Clinical Lead maintaining clinical governance in line with HEFT procedures.
  • External Quality Review of the BSBC DESP Administration to DOH Toolkit Audit process.
  • Makes recommendations for clinical governance service improvements and strategy improvements
  • Oversees patient satisfaction surveys.
  • Liaises and works closely with the Programme Manager, Failsafe Manager, Administration Centre, Screening Centre Manager and IT Manager for the service.
  • Provides close links with the National Diabetic Eye Screening Programme (NDESP).


  • Directly reporting to the BSBC DESP Managers/ Programme Board
  • Reports to the Clinical Lead as required
  • Chairs the monthly Clinical Governance Safety Group (CGSG) BSBC DESP
  • Works closely with HEFT Clinical Governance Safety Group Manager/Advisor
  • Reports to the Group 3 Ambulatory Care Manager as required.
  • As a Staff Board Governor responsible for representing interests of members and partner organisations in the local health economy. Monitors Code of Governance (2006)

David K Roy MSc. – Clinical Governance Manager / Senior Grader

Elected as a Staff Board Governor and served from 2011-13 for the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust and Deputy Chair of the Governor’s Clinical Governance Committee. He was responsible for representing and voting on interests of the Trust members including staff, general public and stakeholder organisations in the local health economy following Monitor’s Code of Governance (2006). He was actively involved with Governors internal Inspections across General Acute, Medical, and Surgical specialities across the Trust.

Telephone: 0121 424 0954

Email DavidIncident notification / investigation