About us

diabetes-and-endo-buildingThe Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Centre was created as a new healthcare initiative within the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust in 2005. In April 2018, the Trust merged with University Hospitals Birmingham.

The new state of the art grading centre located at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital Diabetes Centre is the central hub for the whole of the scheme, managing over 200,000 patients, making this the largest urban scheme in Europe. All levels of grading are undertaken: primary, quality assurance, arbitration and referral outcome grading.

Both the centre and its multidisciplinary staff are internationally recognised for patient care, research into diabetes, diabetic retinopathy and other related eye diseases.

The scheme has been led from initial concept by Professor Paul Dodson, Diabetes and Ophthalmology consultant. Dr Margaret Clarke and Professor Sarita Jacob have taken his place as Clinical Lead and Ophthalmology leads. Dr Dodson remains a key member of staff for training and research purposes.

The Diabetes Centre at UHB is one of the oldest and largest diabetes units in the UK providing a wide range of diabetes services to over 10,000 patients annually. The unit is supported by an accomplished team of clinicians and academics from the Universities of Birmingham and Aston and has produced high quality research in diabetes for over 25 years.